— July 26, 2012

A new taste for a different mood. Our dipping sauce is now available in Cheese flavor. Whenever you feel cheesy, dip your churros in it!

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— June 12, 2012

  Royal Chocolate, our finest hot chocolate beverage with chocolate that is as rich as royalty!

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— April 15, 2012

– 25% discount on all food with BNI credit card (valid at all outlets)* – 30% discount on all food with blitzCard Regular by blitzmegaplex (valid at all outlets)* – 50% discount on all food with blitzCard Gold by blitzmegaplex […]

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About Us

Cafe Churreria

While we were conducting our research in Indonesia, we have found that there was not one distinct place that everyone would go to once they thought of churros and chocolate.

Right there and then, we found a proposition for Indonesia’s market for their own personal Chocolateria. All recipes originated from Spain. We also have mouth-watering desserts, from tarts to pralines, and not to mention our long list of rich chocolate drinks to quench your thirst.


The word Churreria is derived from the Spanish word “churro”. Churro itself is sometimes referred to as Spanish doughnuts, fried dough pastry-based snack that originated from Spain.

For a long time, churro has been popular in many countries, such as Australia. The Spanish usually have it every morning as their breakfast, served with and dipped in chocolate.

However, with the spread of mixed culture around the world, churro has become irresistible for morning, afternoon, or night. It may also be dipped in other mouth-watering sauces, such as caramel.

Churreria Gandaria City

Churreria Gandaria City

Upper Ground unit MU-33B
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (21) 29236364

Churreria Grand Indonesia

Churreria Grand Indonesia

West Mall Upper Ground unit 03A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (21) 23581805

Churreria Mall of Indonesia

Churreria Mall of Indonesia

Ground Floor, Lobby 1
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (21) 45868273

Churreria Summarecon Mal Serpong

Churreria Summarecon Mal Serpong

2nd Floor unit 211
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15810, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (21) 29310650

Our Menu

Chocolate, A Gift From GOD

Long time ago when chocolates weren’t known as candies, the Mayans who discovered the cacao trees believed that they were a gift to man from the Gods. In fact, they referred to cacao as God’s food. It was also used as currency, a sale could be brought for one hundred cacao beans, a rabbit for four! It was named the cacahuaquchii, while no other tree was considered to be worth naming!

As the legend passed down from one magical land to another. The toltects, Aztecs and The mysterious Olmecs have all lost in the battle of holding on to chocolate until one day a white-faced European adventurer was lost at sea. Stranded in the mystical land, he came about cacao beans and was amazed by how rich and decadent it was, he decided to take it home with him. Of course, by the time the Olmecs people discovered their cocoa trees were all stripped, The European has fled off with the food of the God, cacao to share with the rest of the world. Hooray!!

However, it is to be said that till today the Olmecs are still finding the creature who had taken all their cacao trees.

Contact Us


PT. Churreria
Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No. 141 Blok F/10
Jakarta Pusat 10730, Indonesia

Phone : +62 (21) 6008291
Fax   : +62 (21) 6291860